Saoirse Ronan, comics, and school stressing


the title makes it seem like i met saoirse ronan or something, let me tell you i wish. she is absolute talent gold. the first film i saw her in was the host which wasn’t very good id say. its one of those i read the books so i need to see the movie. but what drew me to her was the movie Brooklyn. a girl from Ireland( fun fact she is from Ireland so the accent in the movie is real) decides to move to well Brooklyn and she falls for a new yorker there but while back in Ireland falls for an Irish lad and is torn to leave home or to stay. her performance was breathtaking and you felt the love she felt

i bring her up because i recently had the chance to see her in her newest film, Lady Bird. i am speechless. I’ve seen the movie twice and every time so far i feel everything she does. her pain with her parents, her school life, getting people to understand her. Ronan proved she can do all sorts of roles. this movie might even be my new favorite. i relate to it so much. the parents not understanding, her moving to another state for college, her outgoing and odd personality, everything in this movie is beautiful. i do recommend a watch, Greta Gerwig really outdid herself with this film!


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Cue the Depressing Music…


I’ve never had major bad news in my life. anything bad in my life usually involved small scenarios that i had to figure out a plan B. college plans not working out, family situations gone wrong, obstacles in the way. you know the usual life stuff.

but it changed this morning….

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Who am I?


i ask you this as i sit here at a Starbucks jamming to music by myself. it sounds very loner and honestly it is but for some reason i like it that way its a part of me. i like to be alone sometimes. i like to go to the park and let the sun hit my face and the chilly air breeze over me. i like to shop alone whether its clothes or food, just picking out anything i want with no fear of judgement. i may not drive but i have a newfound love for the public bus. (weird right!?) i know, but the thought of having a little mini adventure on my own,putting my headphones in and getting on a bus is just so exciting to me. most importantly, (maybe not the most important on this list but for me) is i like to read..a lot

let it go eye roll GIF

i used to read so much back then i practically lived in the library in high school. i was practically a teachers pet in 8th grade, we got stickers for every time we read a book. i had to use a note card to add all the extra books to the poster. after awhile i read so much i practically started to scan the books when i read so i had to slow down and go back to reread it 😛

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Strangers?…you mean new friends!

chris evans oops GIF

They say your not supposed to spill your life to people on the internet you don’t know (which is true ,dont lol), but even at a young age when they told you i still didn’t listen. One  memory i had when i was little on talking to a stranger was when i was living in california and i picked up the phone and just dialed a random number(because why not). Some old lady picked up and we had the grandest time chatting.

 Weird but true,

The next time i talked to someone i didn’t know at first was while playing a very popular game, trivia crack. I believe it was around 10th or 11th of my high school year when it was super popular. I was really only obsessed with it because it had an entertainment trivia option and i was killer at it, but every other subject…math……etc i sucked at.

trivia GIF

I usually played with my sisters but when it got too easy i tried to look for different players. They had an option to play with others in different states so i pressed random and found my player!

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Table for One


i spent most of my paycheck on bills and stuff for work so i had alittle left to splurge on a self mission so…..why not ( i like to think i deserve it since i try to pick up everyones shifts so you know treat yo self)

i recently started to practice taking the bus since i have no idea how to get around yet and ive never ridden the bus before so it was definitely a new experience for me. it also was a new experience for me to travel outside my comfort zone and actually go somewhere by myself ( not that im scared because i have some trusty pepper spray right :P)



however i love the feeling of putting a good inspirational jam on and walking down the street like i am this untouchable person (technically it is true..don’t touch me or i will spray you)

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A Big Dreamer?


(this is a small clip of me singing i recorded today, i decided to mess around with my phone recorder, i don’t really post these kinds of things because i feel i sound so high pitched and child like)

i never really thought about what i was good at. even today i still consider myself pretty average. i am terrible at dancing, i can be competitive but i also can be awful at sports. i write yet i basically type as if im talking to myself(is that really considered writing, i don’t think so). my point is i like to think im good at some things but i never really know 🙂






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Spontaneous Makeup Haul part 3

this is the last haul for my labor day spree( finally right), this might just be the best out of the three. mainly because i don’t think i ever would have considered getting these products without being a little adventurous. today i have products from Lush Cosmetics and hooked up shop( Gem Wright Beauty) so lets get started!!!

so, i knew very little of Lush cosmetics but after i saw a picture of Marzia wearing her natura palette and using Lush’s fantasy liquid gold eyeliner as an accent i just about died.





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Spontaneous Makeup Haul Part 2

This post will be pretty quick since i only bought one product from this cosmetics brand BUT one good product!!!, IT cosmetics! the only reason i ever had any intentions to try it out was because a coworker had it. we both worked at the movie theater and while making popcorn it can get very hot and sometimes your makeup tends to feel like its sweating off, but she still looked full on glamorous while all the popcorn heat was out and about. so naturally i asked, ” girl what foundation do you use because i am sweating over here and your makeup still looks GLAM!!!”. she said it was IT cosmetics CC cream foundation(with SPF 🙂

I’m always skeptical about buying high brand makeup since 1) im no professional when it comes to beauty(though i like to think i can) i decide to do a smoky eye and think i kill it but end up looking like a raccoon. and 2) when i do decide to go all out shopping spree on makeup its usually at target where the most expensive item i buy is around 12 or below. i also rarely use foundation since using Curology acne cream( it seriously works)

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Spontaneous Makeup Haul part 1

A few days ago I was in the “I want to buy everything” mood. (not that I don’t normally want to buy everything). I do ALOT of online window shopping if you know what i mean. I will admit I’m not the best at makeup in fact most of the makeup I use is all from target or similar. so when I moved here to Cali I had a few extra to spend and it was labor day weekend so why not! I didn’t go full on Sephora spree. I kind of went on a different route and bought some more interesting brands…colorful brands 🙂

(since I haven’t received all my makeup I bought yet ill post in parts so each brand can have their own post!)

this post is all about my newest favorite…Winky Lux!!! my aunt had given me a lip balm from this brand awhile back. this lip balm wasnt ordinary, it has a small flower inside and the color changes based on your ph balance(talk about fancy) and it is in the shape of a little pill! plus its a very affordable brand and its cruelty-free!! ok! lets get started.

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…Currently a couch potato

I never once thought that watching TV all day could get tiring. It sounds like a dream to me I get to catch up on all my TV shows with peace and quiet. The downside is I’d  probably be the definition of couch potato. I recently got a job interview at a bakery…wonderful because it’s close to a mall and if I eat any of the salads there or other foods I don’t feel guilty(except for the sweet pastries:( ) other downside is it’s like my old job to where I dealt with annoying old customers telling me I got something wrong when i think i’m sure i heard you right I’m the one with the good hearing here. I also got put in a situation where I got another call for an interview and I told her I couldn’t accept because I had another interview and that’s not even the embarrassing part ( i had to call them back and ask for an interview) I got one but I can’t imagine how awkard it will be.







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